Last Night at the Highline Ballroom

Thank you all for coming out to the Highline Ballroom show with Moshav and Soulfarm. I have to say that nothing compares to performing in New York, especially around the holidays. We shut it down. The new songs that I played last night are set to be on my upcoming album, In The Red.

Every time I perform in New York I get to see a wide range of fans and friends. I love to know that heads in the greatest city in the world are feeling DeScribe. I would have performed longer last night but you know how it goes. If it were up to me I wouldn’t have left the stage ’till sunrise.

The atmosphere at the Highline is what makes it one of the better places to perform at, last night especially. I saw so many familiar faces and just as many new ones. The Manhattan neighborhood where the Highline Ballroom resides is not too far from where I hope to perform at one day soon. I know that my time is coming to move up, soon enough I will take my show about 20 blocks up eight ave to Madison Square Garden and let the world know about my sound.

Stay in touch with me for upcoming shows in your city. Happy holidays evone and thanks again for coming out to check me.